What your pass includes:

Access to all the workshops and the show, plus recordings of everything!

Join as many workshops as you wish live, and then catch up with the ones you missed later with the recordings. Rewatch everything as many times as you like - no time limit!

Jillina Carlano – Drum Solo

Jillina Carlano – Lyrical Pop

Esmeralda Colabone – Expression in Arabic Dance

Esmeralda Colabone – Farid Al Attrache

Alla Kushnir – Alla Style

Alla Kushnir – Combinations

Khadijah Smith – Khaleeji Basics

Khadijah Smith – Khaleeji Advanced

Sureya Hussein – Turkish Oryental

Sureya Hussein – Bellyrolls and Flutters

Claudia Santiago – Double Veil

Leilah Isaac – Bellyfit Masterclass

Katie Alyce – Strike a Pose

Roxane Grant – Take Fabulous Photos with Your Phone Camera

 Charlotte Wassell – Pain Relief and Prevention for Bellydancers

David Walsh – Grow Your YouTube

Khalida – How to Win at REELS

International Gala Show

Full UK price £418

Weekend pass price: UK £129

Includes recordings of everything

Full US price $573

Weekend pass price: US dollars $173

Includes recordings of everything

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