Süreya Hussein (UK/Turkish)

Turkish Oryantal

Suitable for intermediate and advanced dancers (Sureya will be giving options for different levels)

Bring out your dramatic side with this fun and energetic style. Süreya will be covering a mixture of techniques and a short routine for you to learn. She will also take some time to explain the differences between Turkish Oryantal and other forms of Raqs Sharqi in terms of technique and history. 

Saturday 27th November 13.30-15:30 GMT

Belly rolls/flutters

Suitable for all levels

Ever wanted to deepen your abdominal isolations and make them more visible on stage? This workshop will specialise in abdominal techniques to provide you with drills and methods to achieve this. We will also cover flutters, undulations, and some layering challenges. 

Saturday 27th November 11.00-12:00 GMT

Süreya is a professional dancer, instructor, and choreographer based in the UK. Her passion for belly dance stems from her Turkish background and she has trained in a variety of styles including Turkish Oryantal, Modern and Classical Egyptian, Romany, Folklore as well as Ballet and Street Dance.

Süreya continues to teach and perform both in the UK and abroad and is keen to share her passion and knowledge as a MENA dancer.