Khadijah (Saudi Arabia/US)


This beautiful dance from the Gulf is so flowing and feminine and Khadijah, who was born in Saudi Arabia, is one of the world’s very best teachers of this beautiful style. Prepare for two fabulous workshops, at whichever level suits you best.

Khaleeji basics - musicality and movement.

 In this fascinating workshop, we will gain an understanding of Khaleej music and rhythms and learn some of the gentle moves that correspond to this beautiful music from the Gulf region. 

Saturday 27th November 17.00-18:30 GMT

Khaleeji Advanced

In this class, we will go beyond the basics to put together a series of movements and dance patterns (I do not want to call this a choreography) to create a beautiful piece. I will be introducing some intricate “fancy” footwork with upper “layering” Khaleeji techniques by using mannerisms to help create a deeper feeling/connection to a Khaleeji song. Hair patterns and SAFE head/heck movements will be introduced in this session, as the hair is only a small portion of the dance!

Saturday 27th November 19.00-20:30 GMT

Khadijah is a diverse international performer/instructor and Educator of Afro-Arabic dances of North Africa, Gulf Folklore, and Central Asian dances.  She has become a highly sought-after performer, instructor and choreographer due to her unique energetic style.

Khadijah is of Kenyan heritage originally born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She currently resides in Denver, CO USA.

Khajidah is continuously traveling, studying, and seeking knowledge on a regular basis with the world’s most renowned dancers and musicians of North African, Gulf, and Central Asian dances, music, and beyond.