Jillina (US)

Delicious Drum Solo

Aimed at advanced bellydancers (but intermediates are welcome to give it a try!)

This fabulous new drum solo will explore intricate hip technique, various types of shimmies as well as challenging isolations!


Learn how to control your movement and translate the music through your body.

Saturday 27th November 19:00-21:00 GMT

Lyrical Pop

Suitable for intermediate and advanced bellydancers
Dance to the hottest new music!  A beautiful mix of innovative steps and classic bellydance moves. 
A lyrical blend of emotional expression and fluid moves to help take your dance to the next level!

Sunday 28th November 17:00-19:00 GMT

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With a background in Middle Eastern, Folklore, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop, Jillina creates a colorful Middle Eastern fusion repertoire that has inspired collaborations with some of the world’s leading instructors and performers. In 1999 Jillina established her own dance company, Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers, currently LA’s premier Middle Eastern and world-fusion dance entertainment company.

From 2003-09 she served as Artistic Director and Main Choreographer for the Bellydance Superstars, performing with them in over 700 shows across a dozen countries. 

In 2009 she went on to create Bellydance Evolution with the goal to take Middle Eastern dance to a higher level. Bellydance Evolution has appeared in over 20 countries. In 2016 Jillina & Bellydance Evolution were commissioned to produce “Le Voyage de Scheherazade,” a multi-national, multi-discipline collaboration between Moroccan, European and American Oriental and ballet dancers with the Orchestra Philharmonique de Maroc.

Jillina has won numerous awards from International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance and the Giza Academy, including Best Modern Egyptian Dancer, Best Instructional Video, Best Dance Company and Dancer of the Year.

Jillina has appeared on several television programs, including “Dancing with the Stars” & “Tsukiri,” a widely-viewed show in Japan. She has co-produced 12 instructional DVDs, now offered in five different languages and distributed by Universal Records. In the summer of 2009 and 2010, Jillina was the first American to be invited as a featured performer in the prestigious Closing Gala at Ahlan Wa Sahlan in Egypt.