Esmeralda Colabone (Brazil)

Expression in Arabic Dance

Suitable for all levels, from intermediates to professionals
In this workshop we’re going to dive into the possible expressions, temperatures and body languages that will easily define your dance interpretation.
Get ready to be happy, dramatic and folkloric!

Saturday 27th November: 16.30-18:30 GMT

Farid Al Attrache

Ideal for advanced and professional dancers
The king of Oud, one of the most amazing artists from the Golden Era. In this workshop we’re going to talk about Farid Al Attrache and dance into one of my favorite tunes of his!
A lot of turns, body control, deep breaths and drama!

Sunday 28th November: 14.00-16.00 GMT

Esmeralda Colabone is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Brazil who has dedicated 22 years of her life so far to Belly Dance. Part of La Maison de L’Artiste from Lebanon for 12 years, Esmeralda danced in the best hotels of the ME, Gulf, and North Africa.

Based in Brazil since 2014, Esmeralda has been teaching all over the world, sharing her experience and dance technique with all Arabic dance lovers!