David Walsh (UK)

How to Get More Views on your YouTube and Grow Your Audience

Suitable for everyone

If you want to raise your profile, grow your reputation and your audience then of course you have to be on YouTube!

It really is the best way for people to see your full performances (rather than snippets) and to raise your profile and reputation as a teacher.

But You Tube is a really busy platform – there are SO many bellydancers on there. How do you get seen amongst the crowd?

In this brilliant interactive workshop You Tube specialist David Walsh, in conversation with Charlotte Desorgher, is going to reveal how to optimise your YouTube channel, raise your profile, get more people seeing your dancing and/or teaching and get more gigs and performance opportunities.

Saturday 27th November 15.30-16:30 GMT

After spending 10 years behind the camera filming martial arts events all over the world and selling martial arts video products to all five continents, David stepped in front of the camera to help business owners to grow their audience with YouTube back in 2013.

Since then he’s grown an audience of nearly 250k Subscribers and over 32 million views on YouTube.

He’s helped his clients, customers, and subscribers all over the world get millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

Today David is one of the highest-paid YouTube Consultants in the UK and WILL help you grow YOUR AUDIENCE on YouTube.

So put your phone on silent and the dog on stun and get ready to take a lot of action points to grow your audience on YouTube.