Claudia Santiago (Guatemala)

Double Veil

Suitable for all levels, from intermediates to professionals

Double veil is absolutely one of my favorite parts of bellydance! It’s  beautiful, mysterious and dramatic. It takes up lots of space, looks great on stage and has a big impact on an audience.

In this workshop, I will share with you tips and secrets to dance with a double veil that I’ve discovered over the years.

You will learn:

  • Fundamental spinning techniques
  • Basics of handling with double veil
  • Double Veil movements, techniques, and steps
  • How to surprise and delight your audience with a dramatic separation of the 2 veils
  • Sequence combinations you can use for almost any piece of music and will inspire you to create a beautiful and mysterious double veil routine.

So, come with me to this great and mysterious adventure of dancing with a double veil!

Sunday 28th November 17.00-18:30 GMT

Claudia Santiago is from Guatemala and has been a dancer since she was a child – particularly latin and bellydance. Clau opened the first bellydance school in her city called “Bellydance Xela” 

She’s been a teacher for the last 12 years and her goal is to share this beautiful dance with everyone in her country and all over the world, so the audience can appreciate this art.

She has also been a member of folkloric and theater groups and is passionate about everything related to performing arts.

Claudia has received a special recognition for her artistic career as a dancer in Guatemala 2017. She has been an invited teacher giving bellydance workshops all over Mexico, and almost all Central America.

She was recently the third place winner at the International Bellydance Competition in Costa Rica, 2021.

Instagram: Bellydance Xela

Facebook: BellydanceXela