Charlotte Wassell (UK)

Injury Prevention for Bellydancers

Suitable for everyone

Belly Dance is sometimes considered to be a “low impact” dance style, though in reality the intricate, complex and contrasting movements we perform can be very demanding of our bodies and brains.

Many dancers are non-professionals, often coming to dance class directly from a day working at the desk or sitting in a car. As a result, many of us suffer from knee problems, shoulder pain, back pain, and more.

In this workshop, Charlotte will be taking you through a series of self-assessments you can easily perform on yourself to discover any imbalances you may have in your body. She’ll share some Muscle Energy Techniques which work like magic to release muscles that may be in “spasm” and you will come away from the workshop with a short series of exercises designed personally for you to use as preparation for your dance practice. 

Saturday 13.00-14.30 GMT

Charlotte is a Dance Biomechanics Coach and creator of Solaris Strong Motion – motivating people who love to dance to get flexible, strong and develop a deeper connection and understanding of their bodies whilst creating the pain-free practice habit of their dreams.

She is a highly experienced dance teacher, an anatomy and movement geek; a qualified L3 Personal Trainer and has taught and performed across the UK and internationally. 

Charlotte works with dancers on a 1:1 basis and teaches online and live classes in Brighton. For more information and goodies find her at and @solarismoves on IG.

Pain and injury prevention for bellydancers

£ 20