Alla Kushnir (Ukraine)

Alla Style

Aimed at more advanced dancers, but intermediates are welcome to join

This master class includes the knowledge that I have collected, received and realized myself over the past 16 years.

In my understanding, every teacher who has contributed to the development of dance is unique. So I got to know and studied the style of each of teachers.

Because of my very wide experience in countries around the world, including the Middle East, and my active dancing life, I was able to highlight the best for myself and create my own style. 

Saturday 27th November 11:00-13:00 GMT

Alla combinations

Aimed at more advanced dancers, but intermediates are welcome to join

Combinations are a wonderful way to improve dance memory and technique. They help to loosen up and awaken creativity and are really valuable for use in your own choreographies and improvisations.

In this workshop we will explore combinations of different styles and use them with different types of music.

Sunday 28th November 11.00-13.00 GMT

A world-renowned choreographer and dancer, Alla Kushnir has won some of the top awards around the world, most notably Ukraine’s Got Talent, which brought her to worldwide attention, then as silver medalist of the Lebanese TV show ‘Hizzi Ya Nawaem’ and ,in particular, as the winner of and the winner of Egyptian TV show ‘Al Rakesa’.

As a dancer and choreographer, she believes that this variation of dance changes the whole attitude of a woman to herself and her surroundings; she expresses herself through exciting movements and thus shows an attitude towards love.