Welcome to INSPIRE online belly dance festival

A unique weekend to inspire you, motivate you and lift your spirits!
27th and 28th November 2021 (or watch on catch up at your leisure)

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Jillina Carlano
Lyrical Pop
Delicious Drum Solo
Esmeralda Colabone
Farid al Attrache
Alla Kushnir
Alla Style
Khadijah Smith
Khaleeji Beginners
Khaleeji Advanced
Süreya Hussain
Turkish Oryental
Bellyrolls & Flutters
Claudia Santiago
Double veil
Leilah Isaac
Katie Alyce
Strike a Pose!
Charlotte Wassell
Pain and injury prevention for bellydancers
Roxane Grant
Take great promo pics on your phone
How to win at REELS!
David Walsh
How to Get More Views on your YouTube and Grow Your Audience
International Gala Show